Architectural Services


Every new client has a unique situation that requires a specially tailored package of services to suit their project, budget and level of expertise. The best way to get an idea of how your project might proceed is to call us to discuss your requirements. As a general rule the architectural services we provide for most projects fall into one of these categories:

Full Service

We will take you from conception and design, through local authority approvals and the tender process to on-site inspections and contract administration. This is ideal if you have never built anything before, or prefer the peace of mind of having a full service, or perhaps are too busy to worry about the day to day details of project management.

Partial Service

For those who have already found a builder and feel confident about managing them on site, we can provide the design and local authority approval drawings. After that our involvement would be limited to attending site visits only if requested to do so, and answering queries should you need additional advice, with fees calculated at an hourly rate.

For simple projects or very experienced clients we can provide just the planning and building regulations drawings for you to gain the necessary local authority approvals.